Road sweeper TUCHEL PLUS 590

WORKING WIDTHS: 135/150/180/200/230/260




Standard equipment:

100% PPL plastic brush rings with external Ø 590mm;
adjusting the brush wear with two side arms (9 positions);
oblique shaft adjustment position, which ensures constant distance between brush rings and manifold (if equipped with manifold);
mechanical side adjustment / tilting system;
anti-dispersion protection;
brush shaft drive with internal hydromotor;
industrial support wheels 250 x 60 mm;
color RAL 2004 (orange).

Tips for buying a road sweeper:

When purchasing a street sweeper, make sure that the equipment has the following features:

  • support wheels;
  • vertical flotation system;
  • transverse tilt system;
  • brush wear adjustment system with as many positions as possible and in an oblique position.

In the absence of the above features, in the long run it will be proven that you have purchased a very expensive sweeper. If the sweeper has the endowments listed above you can say that you bought a cheap sweeper. The sweeper for whom you paid a low purchase price is only cheap in appearance! Really cheap is a sweeper where you will change the consumables as rarely as possible. The wear time of the rings or the drum is determined by the characteristics mentioned above and on which we allow ourselves to insist.

Impact on the sweeper:

  • Absence of support wheels = brush strands wear out in a shorter time!

Usually during the maturation, the brush strands will “lie” on the ground to a length that should not exceed 1 cm. In the absence of support wheels, the weight of the sweeper will be borne directly by the brush strands; because of this, the length of the strands lying on the ground will exceed 1 cm and the brush will wear out.

  • Absence of the vertical flotation system = damage to the support wheels and rapid wear of the brush strands!

By means of the vertical flotation system, the equipment will “copy” the road by acting independently of the load-bearing machine that will not press the equipment and, implicitly, the support wheels. Otherwise the brush will be pressed on the ground, the wheels will be forced and will wear out or damage faster.

  • Absence of the transverse tilt system = asymmetrical brush wear!

The transverse tilt system gives the sweeper the ability to “copy” the soil transversely and to clean even the accumulations of mud and sand on the side of the road, without the risk of asymmetrical brush wear. The lack of a transverse tilt system can cause a wear rate of up to 60% more on the right side and the use of the brush will be impossible.

  • More adjustment positions = precision and finesse in brush operation; increased viability for brush rings!
  • Oblique shaft adjustment = constant distance between brush rings and manifold (if equipped with manifold); ensuring the more efficient collection of impurities in the conditions of wear of the brush rings

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